Edit June 25: We did it! Watch Yuki's response video HERE! ----------- Furukawa_Yuki_1 Yup, you heard right! Our adorable long-legged ice-prince Furukawa Yuki who plays Naoki Irie in Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo may just answer YOUR burning question! Submit your question (or request, ie, Yuki-kun please blow us a kiss! HAHA okay, my fangirl heart) via Twitter, Facebook, this blog post, or all three to REALLY get our attention! At the end of the day, our Mischievous Kiss Drama Club members (Rosie, Heisui, and Cherry) will curate the best questions from you, and we will submit everything to Furukawa himself tomorrow! The MK Drama Club will also attach a little note on behalf of us fans abroad, so let us know what you want to say! furukawa-yuki-1987-10-18-2587_26455_extra_large Hurry! Time is limited, put your thinking caps on and hit us with your best line, and be on the lookout next week for Furukawa's special video reply!