F(x) member Amber has proven every day since her debut as a Kpop Idol that girls can be cute and sexy without having to bow down to the stereotype of what a girl “should be.” So today we’re celebrating Amber, not only for going against the grain but because it’s also her 21st Birthday! Just check out these photos of the birthday girl forever stylin’ in skinny jeans, awesome haircuts, and amazing eye makeup.

16. Amber's boots and then her ripped jeans and the chain!!

15. I don't know what kind of Alien inspired necklace is hanging around Amber's neck but who cares! Look at how cute that hat looks on her!

14. Photos like this make you realize Amber is super pretty but at the same time is as hot as any male Idol. o_0

13. The hair flipped over in a wave and the eye makeup is just everything. #AmberYou'reEverything (-_-)

12. LOL She reminds me of former U-KISS member Alexander with this hair and pose!

11. The blue gemmed false lash on her eye!!

10. This has always been my favorite photo of Amber! She looks so pretty here and I just always loved her as a blond!

9. "E-lectric, E-lectric shock!"

8. In reality shows and interviews, Amber always has a really cool and welcoming personality. #BestFriendInMyHead

7. O.M.G now that I see this photo this MUST have been Bunny's style inspiration in Nail Shop Paris! But Amber wears it better, Bunny just looked like a puppet boy remember?!

6. Umm who said Amber wasn't feminine or sexy? #TakeASeatHaters

5. Love her smokey eye here with the blond! "Smokey gurrl, smokey gurrrl"

4. If only we could all wear short hairstyles as well as Amber.

3. Gawwd I would dye my hair just like that if I wasn't so lazy about the up keep (-_-)

2. The white vest and wrist cuff! I would like to own those items.

1. Another one of those photos that causes confusion. #AndrogynyForTheWin

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE