Asia's pop dance group f(x) officially became a four-member girl group this summer, and now their debut is becoming a reality! True f(x) fans have been patiently waiting since last year's "Red Light" for their beloved girl group to return to the stage. Following Sulli's year-long hiatus and official departure this summer, fans have probably been mending a broken heart and hoping Victoria, AmberLuna and Krystal would bring back the band stronger than ever. Their wishes are coming true because SM Entertainment recently confirmed f(x)'s imminent comeback, and the girls themselves are sharing updates from their practice.

"F(x) is preparing and aiming for an October comeback," SM recently told media outlet Osen.

Victoria and Amber shared photos of themselves on social media looking tired after an intense practice session. 

Victoria captioned her photo "Excuse Me." You can see the members in the background taking a break from their hard work. Amber's photo was captioned "Hey Hey Hey." She points to Krystal lying with her legs propped up against the wall mirror. Even Luna is seen taking a break in her social media photo with a puppy between recording sessions.

F(x)'s music video filming will start on September 11. Are you excited for their return to K-pop? 

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