On Saturday, October 18, f(x) Krystal fainted moments after performing in SMTOWN concert in Shanghai, China. Photos and video from fans show that Krystal was wearing dark glasses during the performance and, soon after, was seen fainting onto fellow member Victoria for support. A staff member picked her up across his shoulder and carried her to a waiting van. The incident gives rise to renewed concern for SM Entertainment's care of its artists.

Here's the fan video taken only moments before Krystal's fainting. She was seen wearing dark glasses and was the first one to immediately exit the stage after f(x) performed the song "Red Light."

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Fans who saw the incident said that Krystal fainted as she was stepping off the stage, and fortunately fellow f(x) member Victoria helped support her. Several staff members rushed towards them, and one of them lifted Krystal across his shoulder and carried her away. She was reportedly taken back to the hotel to rest. She did not appear for the closing performance.

Only days from her October 24 birthday when she'll turn 20, Krystal has been starring in drama series My Lovable Girl. The attention due to her sister Jessica's firing by famous K-pop girl group Girls' Generation has probably added extra pressure on young Krystal.

This is not the first time that Krystal has fainted at a concert. In November 2010, she passed out during the f(x) performance at the Lotte Duty Free Shop Family Concert and was sent to the hospital for evaluation. Following that incident, SM Entertainment said that there was nothing serious with her. 

At the time of reporting, SM Entertainment has not issued an official statement of her condition. However, this incident gives renewed attention to previous claims of SM's mistreatment of its artists, especially regarding health. Recently EXO-M member Luhan filed a lawsuit against SM to terminate his contract citing health reasons among his allegations. In May, EXO-M member Kris also filed a suit to terminate his contract with SM and claimed he was forced to work despite health problems.

We hope Krystal will get enough rest and proper medical care before she resumes her hectic schedule. Many concerned fans are using #getwellsoonsoojung (Soo Jung is her Korean name) to send get-well wishes.

Get well soon, Krystal. 

(photos: candybear98, twitter as tagged)