f(x) SXSW might have wrapped up in Austin, Texas, but girl group f(x) are still on a high from performing there and becoming the first ever K-pop act to do so. When asked how they earned the top billing the girls told Billboard, “We think we were invited because the kind of music we do is rare, not only in Korea but all over the world. The best thing about our group is that we are multinational and we can speak multiple languages." This was proven when the girls took the stage around 1:30AM before an intimate crowd of 550, when bandmate Amber told fans, "You guys are crazy and I love it!" The girls played through songs including "Nu Abo," "Pinocchio Danger," "Hot Summer," and "Electric Shock." Amber told Billboard, “I think SXSW is a must for K-pop idols, it’s a must because it is such a different venue. K-pop idols are used to big stadiums. It’s the intimacy with fans that makes it special. It was a crowd of people that were curious about K-pop along with K-pop fans. SXSW definitely broadens horizons.” Which f(x) songs would you have wanted to hear at SXSW?