F(x) is killing it on the dance floor! The girls' new EDM track for SM Station is one of the best tunes they have released in their career. The music video for the hot new track "All Mine," which was directed by Amber, features close-ups of each member belting it out. It already has almost 2 million views, and it's not even their official comeback song! Watch the girls sing about the joy of being head-over-heels in love with someone:

A job well job by these talented idols! I love the new track. 

Do you need more f(x) in your life? You can watch Victoria portray Li Luo every week in her new series Ice Fantasy, and don't forget to meet Amber this weekend at KCON LA! For all those diehard Krystal and Luna fans, I recommend the fun shows Jessica & Krystal and Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil.

Which f(x) lady is your ultimate bias?


Ice Fantasy - 幻城

Starring Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song

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