Victoria Song of f(x) is enjoying a rise in her acting career. She has signed to star in a new drama series, Beautiful Secrets, with Taiwanese actor, Peter Ho. (Yum!) But first, she has to finish filming the movie, My New Sassy Girl. Check out some stills from the movie as well as from filming. 

My New Sassy Girl is the sequel to Jeon Ji Hyun's popular 2001 movie, My Sassy Girl.  The story is about the original male lead Cha Tae Hyun finding his childhood and first love (Victoria) after losing his other sassy girl (Jeon Ji Hyun.) The movie will explore their romance and problems after they get married.

My New Sassy Girl will be released in 2015.

(Photos: ent.dailyqd, tw.gigacircle, weibo as tagged)