Amber is in love! On a recent episode of the MBC military-influenced series Real Men, a tough leader referred to as the "Honey Voice" drill instructor finally took off his sunglasses during snowfall. Amber's training exhaustion melted away as soon as she laid eyes on his handsome and friendly face. The female soldiers' difficult tight rope course in PT training didn't seem to faze the love-struck "Red Light" singer.

"The drill instructor’s eyes are so pretty. I like strong guys who are cute when they smile," she said during the show's interview segment. “The ‘Honey Voice’ drill instructor is actually quite close to my ideal type.”

Enjoy a lighthearted romantic comedy about a lovesick pushover who tries to win over the girl of his dreams with Fool’s Love:

She even started following him on Instagram!

Now you know Amber's type. Fanboys around the world can take off their sunglasses and hope the tomboy f(x) member sees them as a strong pretty boy.

What do you think about Amber's crush?  Would it be love at first sight for you too? 

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