G-Dragon and CL have been confirmed to collaborate with Skrillex yet again for the music video for the song "Dirty Vibe." The three collaborated along with Diplo on the actual song, where CL and G-Dragon performed the lyrics to "Dirty Vibe" in English.

  • G-Dragon and CL are seen here with Skrillex and Diplo.

DIRTY VIBE is one of the more popular tracks on Skrillex's album Recess, even with fans who do not know about K-pop. It provides a great beat with the amazing flow of the lyrics as well. The music video is sure to be a fun ride that will make everyone want to get up and dance.

The music video will be set in Los Angeles. Since G-Dragon just performed at KCON, which also took place in LA, he remained there to film the music video. CL also came to LA to film the video. It's likely that the music video was filmed (or will be filmed soon) based on recent Instagram updates from both CL and G-Dragon that include pictures with Diplo.

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This is very exciting news to many because G-Dragon and CL will be collaborating again with popular artists such as Skrillex and Diplo. With collaborations like these, K-pop will continue to spread around the world even more. You can listen to the track below!

Source : YG-Life