While we all know and love G-Dragon for his many talents, adoring fans have never had an opportunity to see him acting...well that is until now! It is well known to his fans that G-Dragon does not like to act. However, without meaning to, G-Dragon unwittingly found himself transformed into an actor despite previously rejecting to appear in films or dramas! How did this happen? Read on to find out!~

When G-Dragon agreed to be on a special edition of Infinity Challenge as a guest this past Saturday, he didn’t know what he was really signing up for!

Despite G-Dragon's long career in the Korean entertainment industry, he has never accepted roles in films or dramas. Why is this? Well...because he self-professedly hates to watch himself act! However, after accepting to be a guest on 'Muhan Company', (the regular comic skit of Infinity Challenge), G-Dragon has found himself in the shoes of an actor when 'Muhan Company' was changed into an action blockbuster special under the direction of director Jang Hang Joon and writer Kim Eun Hee.

G-Dragon's feelings are perhaps best conveyed by his first interaction with the director. According to reports, when G-Dragon arrived on set for his filming, he plainly admitted that, “It’s an honor, but I’m not sure what to do…” ending with a nervous laugh. Director Jang Hang Joon went on to assure him that everyone there was his fan, and that no one would mind if he made any mistake. To which G-Dragon replied, “That just makes the pressure worse!” 

Even though G-Dragon is a veteran of the Korean entertainment industry, he could not help looking nervous and even a bit uncomfortable during the shoot. After filming the scene, G-Dragon went on to laugh and jokingly complained, “I said I’d do it because I’m a fan of ‘Infinite Challenge’… Since they cast me, I assumed that there would be other singers or comedians in this, and then I found out that Kim Hye Soo is in it. I don’t know why I’ve been included in this. Also my part is so big! I think this is going to become an embarrassing story about me.”

G-Dragon will be playing a very big role in the skit-turned-film which will air on Infinity Challenge. I can't wait to watch it, but from the photos it looks like he nailed it!

Are you dying to see G-Dragon in his debut piece? How do you think he did? Let us know below!