Earlier this year, Skrillex released the song "Dirty Vibe," which was a collaboration with Diplo, G-Dragon, and CL. Skrillex and Diplo co-produced the track for Skrillex's most recent album, titled Recess. "Dirty Vibe" features music composed by Skrillex and Diplo with mega K-pop stars CL and G-Dragon rapping. The music video features G-Dragon and CL without Skrillex or Diplo. 

While explaining how he met CL and G-Dragon, Skrillex said, "We met in Korea when I was out there playing a show, and, at the time, I was working on that track with Diplo. I played it for them and really wanted them to write something for it. So the whole thing happened very organically." He later went on to talk about his interest in Korean pop culture. "I have always loved the culture of K-pop. G-Dragon and CL are such inspiring artists for me," he said. "I love the Koreans' crazy over-the-top fashion and how it translates into the music. It's just really fun music."

Check out the music video below! What do you think?

Content warning: profanity

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