G-Dragon appreciates art. The BIGBANG: MADE TOUR performer recently visited a art exhibit to support his friend, Murakami Takashi. He shared photos of a few masterpieces on his Instagram, including a snapshot with the prolific contemporary artist himself. 

"Murakami Takashi's 'The 500 Arhats' Exhibition. Thanks for having me... It's always good seeing you," the "Bang Bang Bang" singer wrote as captions.

They are such interesting and colorful works of art. Even a glimpse of Takashi's paintings draws you in and encourages you to think outside of the box. It inspires creativity! 

G-Dragon's band BIGBANG wrapped up the North American leg of their MADE tour in the middle of last month, but the fun continues on DramaFever. You can watch the entire concert all over again when the BIGBANG: MADE TOUR premieres on November 11. In the meantime, enjoy G-Dragon taking center stage in his solo show G-Dragon: One of a Kind in Seoul':

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