We all know how it goes. You set a big goal for yourself,  you work hard at it, and then suddenly it all goes wrong.  Nothing is working, and if you don't get it just right, you are going to disappoint everyone. At the Big Bang concert in Seoul on April 25 and 26, G-Dragon let his fans know that he, too, can have slumps and feelings of being overwhelmed.

To be honest, I fell into a serious slump last year. As you are the reason why our group has become this big, I unconsciously put a lot of pressure on myself, thinking that our new album has to be good if we’re returning after a long break. That caused me to worry about the album, but everything worked out in the end,He confessed.

I think we sometimes forget that G-Dragon has a monster of a reputation as a songwriter, performer, and fashionista.  He's a mover and a shaker in his business.  I know we, as fans, have high expectations of him because he always gives us his best.  That has to be A LOT of pressure.. 

When we get overwhelmed, we can sometimes feel like quitting.  We might think to ourselves, 'Well so and so isn't having problems. They can do it, so why am I having so much trouble?"  And we might even be tempted to quit instead of pushing through the trouble. 

G-Dragon, however, didn't quit.  He went on to say, I realized that you just have to do it. This year, we got together and worked hard.

I've always liked G-Dragon, and knowing he can have hard times too just makes me like him more.  So if you get tempted to quit, just think of GD and take his advice to heart and just go for it. 

I'm excited about their first two songs' release May 1st. How about you?

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(cover pic via LA Magazine)