G Dragon is the first male model to endorse red lipstick for men. I was taken aback at first, but all major gender-bending, fashion-forward pop stars in the past have confidently worn lip color and carried it off quite well (Boy George from the 80s?). Makeup for women and men (T.O.P and his eyeliner always H.O.T) is a star's choice to make. It takes confidence and guts to pull off something different and G Dragon is no stranger to testing boundaries. In fact, he pulls off the red lip color pretty well. Maybe it's the blonde hair and his light skin that makes the color come together? Or perhaps it's the nice full lips. Either way, thumbs up to global eco Red for thinking outside the box. Watch the commercial for Saem's global eco Red lipstick and tell us what you think in the comments below: Can you think of other male celebs that could pull off red lipstick as well?