g-dragon_plagerism Big Bang's proud leader, G-Dragon, made an appearance in high school music text book. However, the mention was not so much an honorable one. A student from Oolsan High School tweeted a photo of a page in his recently distributed text book which introduced G-Dragon's hit song "Butterfly" as an example under the subject regarding plagiarism. "Butterfly" was released in 2009 on G-Dragon's first solo album and it garnered much attention not only because it was produced by G-Dragon, but because of the striking resemblance it had with a British rock band, Oasis's "She's Electric." The music sheet for both songs have been printed, focusing on the sections that stirred the controversy. At the time of the release, Sony Music, who owns the copyright of "She's Electric," accused G-Dragon of plagiarism. However, Sony Music admitted in hastily making their accusations and dropped all charges against the young producer. This text book dealing with plagiarism controversies will be used to teach Music and Society class for 2nd year High School students. Here's the G-Dragon song: And here's Oasis: What do you think? Is this plagiarism? (Source: www.naver.com)