BIGBANG's G-Dragon appeared on the cover of Nylon Japan's May issue with actress and model Nana Komatsu. G-Dragon showed off his gender-blurring fashion sense in the photoshoot, which was themed "[BOY≒GIRL] Nearly Equal."

G-Dragon has consistently rocked women's clothes, like that one time he cameoed on Se7en's "When I Can’t Sing" music video. In Nylon Japan, G-Dragon showed his charisma once again by playing a sweetheart oppa to Nana Komatsu.

G-Dragon said Nana Komatsu was such a charming girl, saying she is full of different kinds of charms.

“I had previously met a still-innocent Komatsu Nana, but this year I was happy to meet a more adult Komatsu Nana. I think she’s a person full of different kinds of charms. Since the tour had just ended the previous day, I thought the photoshoot would be really tiring, but thanks to her, it became a fun shoot,” G-Dragon said.

The 21-year-old model and actress was thrilled to work with G-Dragon.

“I was very nervous to shoot with a person I admire. It felt like a dream to have GD next to me, and when I saluted him saying ‘This is like a dream,' he replied, 'This is a dream,' making me smile in spite of my nervousness. I thought of it as a special photoshoot sent from God to celebrate my 20th birthday and did the shooting inscribing the cuts (shots) one by one in my heart,” Nana Komatsu said of G-Dragon.

G-Dragon and the rest of the BIGBANG members will meet the fans in Korea to celebrate their 10-year anniversary since debut. In July, BIGBANG will host the 10-year anniversary concert in Japan. By the way, did you watch BIGBANG members hilariously feel each other up at a China fan meeting yet?

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