Calling all Japanese jewelry enthusiasts! Maybe you're familiar with Ambush Designs of M-Flo, and Teriyaki Boyz's very own Verbal and his wife Yoon. Big Bang's G-Dragon and Verbal updated their instagrams, showing G-Dragon trying on Ambush Design's latest collection at their showroom in Tokyo. Prominent personalities like Pharrell Williams (N.E.R.D and the Neptunes) and Kanye West have shown support for the brand as well. In fact, Kanye even made a comment, a la product placement, when he mentioned on Keeping Up With the Kardashians that the bling he was rocking was from his "homie in Japan." G-Dragon is seen sporting Ambush's skull bags and bling from their latest VVV Collection. He is also wearing the famous claw ring from the HOLY MOUNTAIN Series. Ambush Design is most popular for it's POW ring and chain, pictured below: Since then, the husband-and-wife duo have launched several lines and campaigns showcasing their alternative and high fashion tastes.  Verbal has been known as a talented MC, DJ and music producer for the past decade and Yoon is traditionally a graphic artist. But together the Korean/Japanese pair are the force behind design company Ambush and are an ultimate fashion power couple. G-Dragon has collaborated with Ambush for the November issue of GQ, featured with Verbal as well.  G-Dragon also designed limited edition accessories with Ambush for his birthday: The SCREW IT series: He also wore their jewelry in his Crayon music video! Lots of HOLY MOUNTAIN collections and collabo SCREW IT collection pieces: Collaborations of creative minds are always fun! Which talented idols would you like to see collaborate with one another? (Source: