G Dragon had an unfortunate accident while performing in Osaka on Saturday. Even though his ankle was injured, G Dragon did not let that stop him. He continued performing and did not cancel the concert. When Daesung heard about the incident, he postponed the rehearsal for his own own concert in Tokyo to make his way to Osaka to support G Dragon on stage.

Taeyang and Daesung helped G Dragon perform Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby during the encore while G Dragon made his way around stage with a cane:

During the show, Taeyang asked Daesung "You were worried about G-Dragon, weren't you?" Daesung replied, "The only musician who can still give the best show after getting his ankle injured is G-Dragon."

Earlier G Dragon tweeted: "Today is the last Osaka concert and my leg is getting better since many fans came to support yesterday. Today too, I feel that if everyone give me energy I will completely heal! If you missed today's performance you will regret it because there's special service waiting for you~"

G Dragon will continue on to Nagoya next for performances on June 1st and 2nd. Not even an injury can stop him from performing for his first solo world tour!

(Source: www.my.entertainment.yahoo.com)