When it comes to their country, South Koreans take great pride in both their history and culture. However, history being what it is, this show of support for their nation can sometimes provoke negative reactions from some...all the more so when you are a major celebrity loved multinationally. Case and point: G-Dragon with a Korean flag.

On August 15, G-Dragon posted a picture of a Korean flag on his Instagram account with the hashtag “815” in honor of the day Korea gained independence from Japan. One might think that this would be a normal gesture for someone celebrating their country's independence day, however, in this case, it has struck a negative cord with some of G-Dragon's Japanese fans. 

Shortly after the picture was posted on G-Dragons account, many Japanese fans began posting negative comments pointing out how his actions were out of line. 

Some of these fans claimed that: 

"Your professionalism is low."

"If you don't have consideration for Japanese fans then you shouldn't promote in Japan."

"I cannot accept your actions as an influential person in both Korea and Japan."

While a majority of the comments coming from Japan were negative in nature, there were also some Japanese fans that seemed to hold a different opinion. These fans could be seen defending or apologizing G-Dragon's post following the negative out lash.

"Happy Independence Day, these things often happen on the internet so don't be to concerned with them."

"I'm sorry, back then Japan was really stupid."

BIGBANG is still promoting in both Japan and Korea and they are known as one of the first Korean groups to have had a large scale concert in Japan.  

What do you think about G-Dragon's post? Was he out of line or were some of the Japanese reactions too harsh? Let us know what you think below!


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