Kpop idol and leader of group BIGBANG, G-Dragon is a fashionista to max. Like every great fashionista, he knows its not only about the outfit, but its also about the hair. Kpop Idols are no strangers to rainbow-colored hair and cuts that would make most people cry (the dreaded bowl cut that just won’t quit!).

However, GD loves to take his hair to the extreme, with styles and colors that only look good on him. Could you imagine walking around with a long green hair track clipped into just one side of your head? Granted, I have seen it done and it looked more "hood-rat" than "high-end." We just can't pull off a weave the way GD pulls them off, so let him be the only one doing what he does (o_0).

So what exactly is a "hair weave?" It's a synthetic or human hair applied to your head through various methods such as sewing/weaving the hair track to your own hair, clipping pieces of hair to yours etc. Hair extensions and weaves are the same thing; the difference comes down to how they're installed. Believe me when I say most of your Kpop idols and drama stars wear hair extensions to make their hair look longer, fuller, and to add color safely without dying it.

Now that we're clear on hair extensions and weaves, let’s take a look at 13 of GD’s most unbe-weave-able hairdos he’s had over the past week. (I kid!) He's currently leading the pack with "most weaves worn by a male idol." I think hmm, maybe Taemin from SHINee is 2nd on that list? (^_^)














KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE