g-dragon The inimitable G-Dragon accepted the 2013 Producer Award at the 2nd Gaon Chart K-POP Awards in place of Yang Hyun Suk. Tt the ceremony, it was announced that Producer Yang was not able to attend the awards ceremony due to scheduling conflicts, so G-Dragon was going to accept the award in his place. But he's G-Dragon so he had to put his unique spin on it—he introduced himself as Yang Hyun Suk's personal secretary and that he would be making a speech as if he were Yang Hyun Suk himself. He recited in the particular nasally tone that Yang Hyun Suk is known for, "I am happy to be given this award even though I wasn't able to attend today. I want to thank all the staff members and my family for working hard behind the scenes. I will continue to work towards expanding Korean music market as a producer. I love you." Watch the video below: What do you think of G-Dragon's latest antic? (Source: www.newsen.com)