BIGBANG's G-Dragon is well known for his unique and often boundary-pushing style, especially when it comes to his hair. Since his debut, G-Dragon has constantly altered his hair, sporting almost every imaginable look. You never quite know what he will come up with next! Here are some of his best, worst, and craziest haircut and hair color choices from over the years.

1. Fantastic Baby Hair

While I'm not sure everyone would agree that this hairstyle is "fantastic," it's certainly one of G-Dragon's most memorable looks! I love how he kept changing the color of the long part, making the style even more unforgettable and unique. Which color is your favorite?

2. Sushi Hair

I'm not sure if G-Dragon was intentionally going for this sushi look, but it certainly looks like the two go hand in hand! G-Dragon wore this unforgettable hair to the 2013 MAMA awards, surprising everyone with one-of-a-kind style.

Special thanks to the fan who made this extra special version!

3. Heartbreaker Hair

G-Dragons's silver and white locks helped defined his first solo project Heartbreaker. This style, while simple, remains a memorable part of G-Dragon's development as an artist!

4. Cotton Candy Hair

Isn't this style so adorable that you wish you could eat it? First sushi, now cotton candy. I wonder what other food-inspired hairstyles G-Dragon can create!

Permed Hair

G-Dragon is certainly no stranger to the curly look, and I couldn't bring myself to choose only one! Here are four different G-Dragon-approved perms.

5. Permed Puppy Dog Look

6. Permed Fauxhawk

7. Goldilocks Perm

8. Michigo Style

9. Black and White Hair

While some have likened this look to a skunk, I have to say the short version is quite cute BUT those long locks have to go! Let's hope they never make another appearance.

10. Bright Red Hair

G-Dragon has taken on a red color more than once, each time with memorable results. It's amazing how bright he can get it!


G-Dragon is a master at sculpting different varieties of fauxhawks. Here are two of my favorites!

11. The Adorable 5 Year-Old Fauxhawk

12. The Bad Boy Fauxhawk

13. Spaghetti Hair

Speaking of food-inspired hair, this style looks almost like play-dough spaghetti. You can't get much more One of a Kind that this!

14. Crooked Hair

So handsome! I can't think of a better style for GD to run around the streets of London in.

Which crazy G-Dragon hairstyle is your favorite? Are there any looks that you hope to never see again? Share your thoughts below!

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