This isn’t the first time BigBang’s G-Dragon is rumored to date Nana Komatsu. But this time, their intimate pictures from his private Instagram account pretty much confirm their relationship. In one picture, she sits on his lap. In another, they lie in bed together, showing off their matching socks.

Taeyang’s (@__youngbae__) comment on one of their pictures, “Let’s write a song called romance aficionado,” seems to confirm their relationship further. How did these personal pictures rise to the surface? Someone had hacked GD’s private Instagram account and spread pictures of him and Nana Komatsu.

Fans are more shocked about their star's lack of privacy than the dating news. They pointed out that “celebrities’ personal lives deserve to be respected” and that “it’s a crime to hack pictures from a private account.”

G-Dragon’s agency, YG Entertainment, said it's not their place to comment on their artist's private life. “YG generally doesn’t respond to (dating rumors),” a YG representative told a source. GD shared his feelings about the hacked account with a gloomy photo, which read, “I can’t handle people anymore.”

This goes hand in hand with T.O.P’s recent statement about a sasaeng fan, who had snuck into his apartment and knocked on his door throughout the night. Last month, GOT7’s Jackson got into a car crash because of sasaeng fans.

GD and Nana Komatsu first met at a Chanel event in 2015. They were rumored to date in May when they were spotted at an upscale restaurant in Tokyo.

At a couple photoshoot with Nylon Japan in March, Nana revealed she’s been a huge fan of GD since high school. “I was very nervous to shoot with (G-Dragon), a person I admire. It felt like a dream to have GD next to me, and when I saluted him saying ‘This is like a dream,' he replied, 'This is a dream,' making me smile in spite of my nervousness,” she said on shooting with G-Dragon.

Some say Kiko Mizuhara, GD’s ex-lover and a good friend of Nana, unfollowed her after the news broke out about the two.

What are your thoughts GD’s hacked Instagram and the dating news?

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