Brown Eyed Girls‘ drinking habits were revealed on tvN’s Dining Table of the Gods. The members of Brown Eyed Girls shared their drinking habits while discussing the heredity of alcohol and obesity. In particular, the other members of Brown Eyed Girls shared,
“When Ga-In gets drunk she calls 2AM’s Jo Kwon and Seulong, whom she has close relations to.”
Apart from Ga-In, it was found that Narsha had the gene for heavy drinking. Then, Jea and Ga-In took this opportunity to share Narsha’s drinking habits. Jea said, “When Narsha gets drunk she follows the other members around telling them ‘I love you’” and Gain said, “Narsha drinks alcohol as if it were water when she is on the computer. Sometimes, she drinks beer in the van after finishing up a day’s work.” On the other hand, the members shared their personal health care secrets as well. Miryo explained, “Because we often have to skip meals, she always take multi-vitamins, Omega-3, and antioxidants.

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