How is Ga In keeping her sizzling relationship with actor Joo Ji Hoon the biggest secret in South Korea?

During a recent interview with lifestyle magazine Elle Korea, the "Paradise Lost" singer shied away from answering personal questions about her handsome celebrity boyfriend. "You should call him and ask. I don't really know," she said when asked to speak about her personal life.

"We don't really like speaking out [about our relationship] in public. I think it's because we want our personal lives to be respected especially because we are professionals. If not, we wouldn't have the answers to questions like, 'Why do I have to be professional?'"

In addition to being part of a hot photo shoot with her signature turquoise hair, she also discussed the topic of being labeled sexy in the K-Pop industry. 

The Brown Eyed Girls member expressed that being sexy isn't something shameful. Everyone likes to be called sexy, and it shouldn't have a negative stigma attached to it. Ga In actually questions the people who aren't sexy. The 27-year-old star continued to address the issue by stating that her individuality makes her stand out, and she isn't trying too hard to be sexy.

"Every woman has her own version of sexy.... It's just my image. It's not like I'm trying to wear something short and seduce someone. I just wear it because I want to. I don't really care about what others think. It just happened like that. If it really bothers someone, they should buy me clothes."

I agree that a person should be themselves and never worry about what other people think of them. Individuality is what makes us all different. Her decision to keep her relationship with the Goong actor private is another great point that makes her stand out among the rest.

Since her sensual "Fxxk U" music video in January of 2014, we haven't seen the pair together. Of course, she is making the right decision for her, but will you miss hearing all the dating details about this hot celebrity couple? 

Ga In's boyfriend Joo Ji Hoon will next appear in the Korean drama Mask, opposite Soo Ae. It premieres on DramaFever on May 27, and you can sign up for new episode alerts HERE.

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