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At the recent press conference for Gangnam 1970 (international name: Gangnam Blues), director Yoo Ha explained how he came to pick Lee Min Ho, the popular actor who rose to fame with Boys Over Flowers, for his important project. It seems that an even more important woman spoke up behind the scenes. But first, let's check out some cool photos from the press conference.

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At the December 12 press conference for Gangnam 1970, fans finally learned how Lee Min Ho came to director Yoo Ha's attention. Yoo Ha said that he had gotten strong pressures from his wife, a fan of Lee Min Ho. He called the effort "brainwashing" and said, "My wife is a huge fan of Lee Min Ho. At one point, after being pestered for two years, I came to accept that it was my fate to work with Lee Min Ho.” His comments elicited lots of laughter from the audience.

And the surprising reason of why the director had resisted using Lee Min Ho at first? Yoo Ha confessed with this interesting comment: "He's so good looking that I thought he needs to have a flaw, but he was like a manga character." (Did he mean Lee Min Ho was flawless in real life?) He wondered how a manga hero could pull off the role of a junk dealer in the Gangnam 1970 movie. He finally decided to use Lee Min Ho because, "I thought it would be a good idea to drop Lee Min Ho’s second-generation chaebol heir image to the floor as a low-life. That’s why I thought of casting Lee Min Ho.”

Having seen the stills and trailers released so far, Lee Min Ho definitely shed the rich heir image to portray a completely transformed character in the movie about greed and struggles between rival groups of gangsters.

Gangnam 1970, directed by Yoo Ha, starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won, will premiere on January 21 in Seoul, Korea. The international name for the movie will be Gangnam Blues. (Will Gangnam Blues come to North America? Check out this article.)

And, thank you, director Yoo's wife, for getting Lee Min Ho his first lead role in a movie. We can't wait to see it. 

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