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Once filming wraps, everything changes! AOA member Seolhyun recently talked about the off-screen relationship with her Gangnam Blues co-star Lee Min Ho on the popular KBS variety show Happy Together. She wasn't comfortable around her Oppa when the movie ended. 

“I was really close to Min Ho Oppa during [the Gangnam Blues] filming. He took good care of me," she explained on the episode set to air on February 12.

"He even brought a mosquito net. So, we waited together inside the net. But after filming wrapped, I met him again at the film screening and it was a bit awkward."

It was reported through news media outlets that the singer-turned-actress expressed her disappointment with their sudden awkwardness.  

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Maybe their 8-year age gap was the reason.for the lack of comfortable communication. The "Like a Cat" singer turned 20 last month, while Lee's 28th birthday is in June. According to her quote, it seems Lee Min Ho took on the older brother role by taking care of her on set.

Why do you think the two stars are awkward with each other in real life?

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