Call Psy a bomb because this dude has EXPLODED overnight! South Korean rapper Psy has recently attained worldwide recognition for his infectious, simply crazy music video Gangnam Style. Yesterday, he even reached number one on the iTunes US music video chart (and is the FIRST Korean to do so)!

I thought it would be super cool to take a moment to walk through just how insane the Gangnam Style craze has become, starting with... the TEASER! In K-pop, groups and artists always drop teasers before the actual music video, to get netizens like you and me all hyped about what's coming. Before we ever knew what Gangnam Style was (hard to imagine, I know), this was the preview we got: Then came The. Music. Video. The one that changed everything. It's the type of video you have to watch a few times because there’s just so much happening at once! Immediately came the reaction videos. Always, always, always after a music video comes out, the netizens' reaction to the video must follow! But was it newsworthy? CNN says so! Psy even managed to shut down Gangnam (the neighborhood that is now world-famous thanks to this song) to perform a surprise guerrilla concert in front of a very happy crowd! Continue to find out the unexpected celebs who are rocking Gangnam Style! The song now became bigger than just one man, and everyone under the sun began covering Gangnam Style. Seungri of K-pop group BIG BANG released his own dance cover of the song: Nelly Furtado got in on it too! Even the My Little Pony crew caught the fever. Not to be outdone, the cast of the (brilliant, addictive) Korean drama BRIDAL MASK got in on all the fun! Finally comes the proof that this song has saturated every corner of society: internet memes. Gangnam Style has been paired with all sorts of random and funny characters!


I hope you enjoyed this little tour through the Psy Explosion, and with that I leave you with Psy covering Lady Gaga's "Poker Face." ^_^