Running Man's Gary and Song Ji Hyo shared their thoughts on each other in a recent interview. 

Scroll down to read about when they think of their relationship, and which Running Man guests they felt the most jealous of each other!

In a recent interview on the news program Midnight TV Entertainment, Gary and Song Ji Hyo talked about their romantic relationship in and out of Running Man. When the host asked the Monday couple about their nicknames, Gary said, “I saved her on my phone as Mung Ji, her pet name.” When the host asked Song Ji Hyo, however, she hesitated and said, “I have him as Kang Gary.”

Gary, who has always been the more forward one in the relationship, said in one part of the interview, “My relationship with Song Ji Hyo is both business and a thing. I think our thing will continue even when I get married,” and made everyone at the interview scene laugh.

The host also asked the Monday couple which Running Man guests they felt the most jealous for each other. Gary picked Jo Jung Suk. He said, “Jo Jung Suk and Song Ji Hyo played the game where they had to eat a string of noodle from both ends using only their lips. When they were playing the game, I saw Song Ji Hyo’s eyes shake.” Jo Jung Suk starred as a Running Man guest and shook Song Ji Hyo's heart on The Newlywed Couple Race episode.

Song Ji Hyo picked Kyung Soo Jin. She explained, “I got so jealous of Kyung Soo Jin that I yelled at Gary, ‘Monday couple is over now!’” Actress Kyung Soo Jin recently showed a sexy dance with Gary on The Love is Extreme Race episode.

Gary and Song Ji Hyo have been having a thing for over six years now. We wonder whether they ever have dated or will date each other. What are your thoughts on their relationship?