Goodbye, Gary, we will miss you so! The adorable Running Man member finally said goodbye to the cast and crew of the popular show on October 31st. we have all the details!

Posing with fellow cast member Lee Kwang Soo, the happy duo paint a rather playful picture. Look at Lee Kwang So pointing at Gary's hat, and Gary with his signature grin in tow! Cute much?! The picture was simply captioned with a heart. The actor then posed for a group picture with the cast and crew members, captioning the moment as, "Running Man. Thank you. I was happy. It was the best time of my life, and I won't forget it." So humble and filled with gratitude right? You can also spot co-stars HahaKim Jong KookYoo Jae SukJi Suk JinSong Ji Hyo, and Lee Kwang Soo.

Right after, the actor posted a a rather sad picture of himself staring at a cake that celebrated his special bond with Song Ji Hyo, who currently stars in the drama, My Wife is Having An Affair This Week. He looks so sad, doesn't he :(

But rather than mourning over his loss, the actor is looking toward his future and building his career as a musician. In his latest IG selfie, the actor posed at the airport, en route to Taiwan to promote his music.

The actor has been a member on the popular show for the past seven years, giving us some of the most memorable moments to look back on.  You will definitely be missed, Gary! Watch a snippet from one of his final episodes. For more Running Man, click here.