Nine months have passed since Gary of Running Man fame suddenly got married. Now we finally know a bit about who his wife is and how they might have met. 

Gary's wife, whose identity has been under a veil of secrecy, is a former Leessang Company employee, according to eDaily's exclusive report.

Gary’s wife, then Ms. Kim, was hired to work at Leessang Company, which Gary co-founded with Gil, the other member of the hip hop duo Leessang. Kim worked at Leessang Company for five years and then resigned. No one at the company noticed a thing between Kim and Gary, nor did they find out who Gary’s mysterious wife was until their first son was born last November.

Back in April, Gary said, announcing his marriage, “My wife is a non-celebrity and she is someone who captured my heart in an instant.” Kim is indeed a good looking woman, according to the sources. She’s also 10 years younger than Gary.

Since Gary quit Running Man and shocked the fans with a surprise marriage announcement, he has rarely made any TV appearances.

Last summer, Gary traveled to Japan and gladly took the photo below with a fan. Do you notice his carefree beard?

This photo of Gary at a Chinese restaurant below was updated on his Weibo on Nov. 1, 2017. Also in November, he shared the photo of his baby son’s feet to the world, saying, “Gary junior.”

We speculate Gary kept his marriage a secret from all, including Gil and the Running Man cast members, to protect his non-celebrity wife’s identity. What do you think of that? Let us know your thoughts below!

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