Kang Gary's Instagram followers got quite a shock this morning, where the 39-year-old rapper revealed that he had secretly gotten married to the love of his life.

That's one way to do it — Gary decided to tell his fans and the world that he had just gotten married to his girlfriend on Instagram earlier today, shocking fans all around the world. Since it was so sudden, the media also was caught by surprise, but it looks like this is the way the rapper wanted it. Here is his message, directly from his Instagram and translated by Koreaboo: "Today I got married to the person I love. We did not hold a wedding ceremony but rather decided to cherish this moment with just the two of us together. My wife is a non-celebrity and she is someone who captured my heart in an instant. I know this might seem like sudden news and some may be shocked at the news, but I hope everyone can look towards the future and cheer us on. Please wish us happiness and joy. I will live on happy for eternity."

Compared to all the press conferences and the announcements made by management companies regarding romantic relationships of their stars, it's nice to see that Gary wants to keep things real and quiet, and not make such a big deal about it. I'm sure the newlyweds are happier than ever, enjoying every moment together in private.