iKON hit the jackpot with a "gift" from the powerful hit songwriter G-Dragon.

Both iKON and BIGBANG fans will have something to look forward to when iKON's full debut album, "Welcome Back" is released on December 24th. It has been reported that one of the tracks, "I Miss You So Bad," was in fact written by G-Dragon during MADE preparations.

This is when working together at the YG building is important. As GD was recording "I Miss You So Bad" as a demo, iKON was recording in a studio next door. Thinking another group might be a better fit for the song, GD had iKON sing it. GD liked their performance so much that he "gifted" the song to the boys for their debut album.

Both iKON and Yang Hyun Suk were shocked. YG personally called GD to find out if the news was true.

YG: "GD's song is, needless to say, of very high quality. We considered making it a title track but decided against it in fear of judgement that the group was using GD's name to promote themselves. After much thought, we decided we couldn't use such a gift in that way, especially when GD hadn't written a song for any other groups, nor had he ever asked anyone else to write songs for him."

(Source: Naver, tranlation: ikonOT7)

What do you think, will GD's gift be a good fit for iKON's debut album?

While you wait for the full "Welcome Back," watch the boys practice their moves in the dance version of "Apology."