taeyang-gdragon BIGBANG's G-Dragon and Taeyang are featured in the latest issue of Vogue Korea and G-Dragon was kind enough to show us what went down behind-the-scenes at the photoshoot: gd-vogue-2 The duo show off their eclectic style and their fly kicks: gd-taeyang-vogue They start the Rasta vibe going: gd-vogue-3 gd-vogue-4 Can't tell who's the man behind the lollipop? gd-vogue-5 Last but not least! G-Dragon wearing his "Giyongchy" logo on a beanie, my favorite spin off of Givenchy: gd-vogue And, GD leaves us a heart made of ketchup...or jam? Which of these behind-the-scenes pics is your favorite? (Source: @XXIBGDRGN)