A new historical romance drama has started on DramaFever! General and I stars Wallace ChungAngelababy (Yang Ying), Sun Yizhou (Sean Sun), and Gan Tingting. How do these unique and intriguing characters relate to each other in matters of the heart and throne?

China was in a turbulent era when leaders from four warring states were competing for ultimate control of the land. The gripping story in General and I, adapted from a popular novel, unfolds with an ensemble cast of dynamic characters. Here we present the four leading characters whose paths will cross and intersect in the enthralling drama. 

1. Chu Bei Jie (Wallace Chung) - the "General" in the drama's title. He is a prince of the Jin State and is nicknamed "god of war" because he has never lost in battles. But, he will lose his heart to Bai Ping Ting, a young woman who captures his love while they battle in wits and war.

2. Bai Ping Ting (Angelababy) - an orphan who was brought up as a member of Lord Jing An's household in the Yan State. With the mind of a military strategist, she demonstrates her skills when she helps defeat an invading army right in the first episode. She and He Xia grow up together and are meant to marry. However, she is fated to meet her true soulmate in a sworn enemy.

3. He Xia (Sun Yizhou) - the son of Lord Jing An. Because his father was betrayed by the King of Yan, he has sworn revenge against the adversaries who destroyed his parents and their clan. During his escape, he meets Yao Tian, the princess of Bai Lan, State.

4. Yao Tian (Gan Tingting) - The Bai Lan princess who falls wholeheartedly for He Xia, the young Prince of Jing An. Their union should be an envied romance.

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General and I - 孤芳不自赏

Starring Angela Yeung (Angelababy) and Wallace Chung

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