Although fans of the hit historical drama, General and I, mainly focus on the leading couple Bai Ping Ting (Angelababy) and her general Chu Bei Ji (Wallace Chung), there are quite a few colorful characters and side romances that have piqued our interest. One new actor has stood out for his fresh image and rising attraction. Let's find out more about Wang Tianchen, who plays Fan Lu.

(Spoilers Alert) 

If Fan Lu is found in a modern romance, he would perfectly match the profile of a bossy but handsome CEO who cares more about freedom than being tied down by anyone; that is, until he meets and falls head over heels for an independent woman who stands up to him and cares about her freedom even more.

In General and I, Fan Lu is a commander in charge of a fort in the Bai Lan State. He is ordered to capture Bai Ping Ting but accidentally catches her friend, Zui Ju (played by Zou Yang), who pretends to be Bai Ping Ting to prevent him from further pursuit. He takes Zui Ju back to the fort but does not harm her. It turns out that the kidnapper is actually a warrior with a golden heart. What follows between them is a rare and delightful comedic romance in a drama that is full of intrigue and battles.

Do Fan Lu and Zui Ju get to have a happy ending?

Since you've already skipped the spoilers alert to get to this point, let me share with you the good news:

Yes, Fan Lu and Zui Ju live happily ever after!

Who gets to play Fan Lu?

Fan Lu is played by new actor Wang Tianchen! 

Born in Beijing, he graduated from the renowned Shanghai Theatre Academy. He is 185-cm (almost 6'1") tall and weights 75 kg (or about 165 lbs.)

The hot young actor is appearing in his first TV drama. Before playing Fan Lu, he only appeared in a support role in the movie, Remain Silent. With the success in General and I, he has lined up a major role in a new movie, In Youth, to be directed by famous actor-director Feng Xiaogang, who starred in the award-winning Mr. Six movie. 

He also just celebrated his 24th birthday on February 4. 

Happy Birthday, Wang Tianchen, and best wishes for your bright future!


General and I - 孤芳不自赏

Starring Angela Yeung (Angelababy) and Wallace Chung

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