generalhospital_newsFollowing an explosion of popularity for medical dramas in 2007-2008 (White Tower, New Heart, etc.), this is the follow-up to one of Korea's most popular and classic medical dramas, General Hospital, which aired from 1994 to 1996. Like America's E.R., the show earned an enduring popularity. Re-uniting writer Choi Wan Kyu (who went on to pen the hits Gourmet and Kingdom of the Wind) and main star Lee Jae Ryong, General Hospital 2 has all the charm and compelling power of the original series.

Set twelve years after the end of the first General Hospital, Lee Jae Ryong returns as Dr. Kim Do Hoon, now a resident, while Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jung Eun reunite after their '98 medical drama Sunflower. Together, they form the hospital's new generation of doctors. Choi Jin-Sang (Cha Tae Hyun) barely scraped through medical school with help from Kang  Eun-ji (Go Joon Hee). Still, Choi Jin-Sang  remains dedicated to saving his patients' lives as a first-year intern.

Another first-year intern is Jung Ha-yoon (Kim Jung Eun). Driven by the memory of her father's death at the hands of incompetent doctors, she practices medicine only to gain experience for her real career as a medical malpractice lawyer. But as she works on staff, she begins to make the job her own, and grows more committed to it. This well-written story of life and romance among the demands of a fast-paced job was an easy hit and its ratings steadily climbed over the course of its broadcast.

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