Well, we can't think of a cooler, more efficient way of getting around than this. Don't be surprised if the next time you see a suitcase, someone sits on it and rides it home. A farmer-turned inventor, He Liangcai has created a suitcase that is also a scooter.

The brilliant inventor lives in Changsha, Hunan Province and has spent ten years working on this mind-blowing creation. The reason why it took him so long to perfect the invention was that he was struggling to find the right wheels.

The scooter weighs around 15 pounds and can travel as fast as 12 miles an hour. The suitcase scooter has a GPS navigator, runs on a lithium battery and can carry two people at once. The genius invention is perfect for commuting around the city, and it's the only scooter we can think of that looks like you're driving around your entire wardrobe.

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