When DramaFever asked George Hu to co-host the Third Annual DramaFever Awards, presented by Toyota, George Hu couldn't believe his ears. He asked again and again, "MC? They said that? Really?"  Why was he so surprised and why was he in fear? Did he do a good job, especially with the Toast Kiss?

Although the handsome and popular star performed a hot, steamy shower scene with co-star Annie Chen in Love Now and wielded a sword against fierce enemies in Prince of Lan LingGeorge Hu has never been an MC or hosted an event before. We don't know if he was trembling on stage, but he admitted that he was nervous. However, he does have a big advantage for an Asian actor. 

It turns out that George was born in NYC and English is his native language. He is also a DramaFever fan favorite for his popular dramas. After he watched videos from a previous award event, and knowing that he would have the opportunity to return to his hometown and see his parents, he finally agreed.

George ended up with fun memories (and looking suave on stage) at the DramaFever Awards. He was particularly touched by all the passionate fans, some of whom even flew from Canada, Taiwan, and elsewhere. Although he enjoyed the hosting experience, he is not ready to host in  Mandarin yet. In Taiwan, he gets by with a mix of Chinese and English and sometimes surprises people with an unusual lingo. 

George said since speaking in English comes naturally to him, all he had to make sure was to be comfortable with impromptu reactions on stage and having a good interaction with his co-host, the beautiful Arden Cho.

Here's a video showing him and Arden attempting the famous "Toast Kiss" from Pinocchio:

George scores himself a 90 out of 100 for his very first MC experience. However, I would agree with Arden that he needs to watch Pinocchio and find out how the Toast Kiss is really done.

How do you think George did at the awards? 

We look forward to seeing George Hu again, and soon. Until his next series, you can enjoy his work in Love Now:

~ NancyZdramaland