A new commercial out of Germany for the holiday season has touched so many hearts around the world that we simply have to highlight it here. The warmhearted video with English subtitles has already been viewed more than 41 million times ever since it was posted on November 28.

This commercial tells a touching story with a twist, the kind that we Asian drama fans love, about an elderly father who has waited year after year to have his grown children come together for a holiday meal.

One by one, his children received a message:

"How else could I have brought you all together?" The white-haired father said to his grown children, who now look stunned by the happy surprise.

Yes, it is "Zeit heimzukommen."

"Time to come home."

The message of love and family is the same without national borders or language barriers.

Thanks to the German supermarket EDEKA for the touching reminder to share our holidays with those who care about us the most.

Watch the heartwarming family drama Answer Me 1988:

~ NancyZdramaland