A major "kaiten sushi" (conveyer belt sushi) franchise in Japan has introduced sushi in a cup for those wanting something a little different.

Trying something new has always been a way for businesses to try to get one step ahead of their competition. As you may know, competition amongst sushi restaurants in Japan is fierce, though the established, high-end restaurants don't have much to worry about, they always have their core customers coming back for more. Sushi is now eaten by everyone, with cheap 100 yen sushi available just abut anywhere. Walk into a kaiten sushi in Japan, and the place will be packed with young and old alike, waiting for their favorite sushi to come along on the conveyer belt in front of them.

Starting April 1st, Sushiro, a major kaiten sushi franchise, will have "Cup Sushi" for 180 yen. The salmon cup sushi will get you tuna, salmon and cod roe over a little rice for two dollars. You pour some soy sauce over your raw fish, and dig in with your spoon!

No doubt this is marketed for the younger generation. Sounds fun to eat, we must admit!