For those of us who just don't get enough kisses in our life, South Korean designer Jang Woo Seok has come up with a creative way to get your daily dose of kisses. 

This imaginative and slightly creepy coffee cup lid gives you the sensation of drinking your morning coffee from someone's lips.  Its a disposable lid that will fit on a standard disposable coffee cup. According to Woo Seok, take-out coffee is a symbol of city culture and fashion. The shape of this creative coffee lid offers a unique and distinctive style that can be fun.  

The cup is designed to simulate the nose and muscles of the lips in the act of giving a kiss.  You drink from this cup as if you are kissing the bottom lip. 

Right now the lid is only available as a disposable lid, but plans exist to turn this into a real tumbler later. 

Would you want your morning coffee or hot chocolate kissing you back each morning?

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