Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo star together for the second time since Stairway to Heaven in the seductive new melodrama Temptation, and it's coming tonight to DramaFever! Watch new teasers and behind the scenes footage, and see the enticing new posters and stills in preparation for the premiere.


Cha Seok Hoon (Kwon Sang Woo) is mired in massive debt, and there's only one way out: complete submission to Yoo Se Young (Choi Ji Woo), a rich femme fatale willing to bail out Seok Hoon in exchange for his servility. But between his marriage to Na Hong Joo (Park Ha Sun) and Se Young's increasingly demanding advances, Seok Hoon quickly discovers his lifeline is a huge deal breaker.

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Teaser 3

Behind the Scenes:

New Posters and Stills:

The dark and dramatic new posters strongly convey the general mood of desperation and temptation the characters face throughout this drama.

What starts out at a beautiful, happy couple...

...ends up a couple who feel they have nothing left.

Which leaves room for the entrance of two life ruining tempters.

So many feels! Get your tissue box ready.

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