As we wait impatiently for IU and Jang Geun Suk's new Kdrama, Pretty Man, why not appreciate some of their style. However, suits are boring so we will be focusing on IU's colorful fashion in the recently released promotional posters for Pretty Man.

The Lacoste L!ve sweater is reasonably priced at $76.99, buy here. Notice the white spots are actually hearts which makes this a perfect sweater for the fall season.

Since it is not too expensive, there isn't really a need for a cheaper version.

The yellow sweater is a trademark for IU's dramas now, well at least for KBS dramas that stars IU. This particular one is by J. W. Anderson and is available for $805 here. The highlight of the sweater is that there are tie up parts on the right side. As you can see on IU, you can create a cute bow with the loose fabric. Get a similar one here or here in a similar color at a much lower price without the tie ups.

The skirt is also by J. W. Anderson and for $770, you can purchase it here. However, if you you feel the price is too steep, similar ones can be found here and here. They retain the theme of comic book print.

This fabulous dress is by the Korean brand Fleamadonna. It is available for 288,000 Won here. However, you can only purchase it if you live in Korea and can read Korean.

Similar ones are hard to find. But in the general sense, really cheap rose patterned dresses can be found here and here.

Please be aware, most of the clothes are expensive. For more affordable fashion Hallyu stars has worn, visit here. Also, I may provide links to similar fashion for a much lesser price.

Maria (K-world Style)