Get Karl Oh Soo JungOh Ji Ho (Queen of Housewives) and film star Uhm Jung Hwa (Seducing Mr. Perfect) helm Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung, delicious tale of love and revenge. A loser transforms into a playboy in this successful drama and seeks revenge against the ice queen who ditched him, only to discover she may not be so icy after all... Go Man Soo (Oh Ji Ho), an overweight, struggling law student, is overjoyed when beauty queen Oh Soo Jung (Uhm Jung Hwa) agrees to marry him. When he fails to pass the bar exam, however, Soo Jung dumps him at the altar. Eight years later, Man Soo has transformed into wealthy, good-looking, famous golf player Karl Go. He's never forgotten the hearbtreak he suffered at Soo Jung's hands, however, and is out for revenge. He hires Jung Woo Tak (Kang Sung Jin) to masquerade as a wealthy bachelor and make Soo Jung, now an old maid, fall in love with him. Woo Tak will then abandon her at the alter just as she did to Man Soo. Woo Tak begins pursuing Soo Jung, and meanwhile, Karl begins living at Soo Jung's boarding house (pretending to be poor) in order to keep an eye on things. A wrench is thrown in his plans when the old attraction springs up between he and Soo Jung and when Woo Tak sincerely falls for Soo Jung. Click to watch Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung online at DramaFever.