While sheet face masks can look a tad strange, these quick and easy Korean skincare treatments are rapidly becoming skincare obsessions in the West. Interest in the Korean skincare regimen is exploding thanks to actresses with milky and dewy skin like Lee Min Jung, which Koreans like to call, "honey skin." Check out how to get the same look and get a special discount on Korean beauty products online!

For those who are new to sheet mask skincare, you too will quickly become addicted to how your skin looks and feels immediately after application, especially in the cold and dry winter season.

These thin facial sheets are infused with a variety of essences and vitamins, that will intensely hydrate, brighten, and even reduce the appearances of wrinkles. Sheet face masks are unique in that they allow your skin to absorb the essences and lock in the moisture.

Here is a step-by-step guide to those who want to incorporate sheet face masks as part of their skincare regimen.

1. Wash your face with water and a mild cleanser.

2. Apply toner. (Toner deep cleanses your skin and preps your skin to absorb the next step. If you don't own toner, don't worry - your skin will still reap the benefits of the face mask).

3. Tear open the pouch at the top and pull out the mask. Be mindful of how soaked the mask will be and have a towel handy to wipe up the drips.

4. Unfold the mask and place it on your face, aligning the holes with your eyes, nose and mouth.

5. Use the excess essence in the pouch and the mask to apply on your neck, shoulders and hands. Those essences are good for your skin so don't let any go to waste!

6. Take a power nap, read a book or just zone out for about 20-30 minutes with the mask. It's up to you if you want to go longer or shorter.

7. When you are ready, just peel off the mask and discard. Look at your skin in the mirror. It should look brighter and slightly more plump due to the moisture it just absorbed. Also, touch your skin. It should feel velvety smooth.

8. There is no reason for you to wash off the essences because it is good for your skin! You can either fall asleep knowing you gave your skin a real treat or if you are heading out for the day, remember to add a layer of BB cream (with SPF)!

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Charlotte is the curator of the Korean beauty e-shop Soko Glam, demystifying Asian beauty with her hubby Dave and their fuzzy sidekick Rambo.