For those of you looking for a little inspiration in the kitchen, look no further. A new Sailor Moon apron will be available this August, and its sure to make cooking a lot more fun.

With Sailor Moon's magical powers in the kitchen, you just can't go wrong. In the past, a lot of Sailor Moon toys and gadgets have come out, but most of them were just that, toys that served no practical purpose. But this apron...

Put the Sailor Moon apron on, and it'll make you feel like you can create magic with your newly acquired superpowers. Put it on before you cook yourself, or your significant other, a meal, or maybe when you cook for some friends. Stand in front of you ingredients, and say out loud, "Moon Prism Power!"

Now comes the hard part. You gotta actually cook. So this apron can't do much, except be an actual apron. And it'll set you back 6480 yen, about 65 dollars.

But you'll look cute!

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