Happy Lunar New Year! In Asia, and specifically China, this holiday is steeped with superstitious tradition. Here are some of of the big rules to follow prior to and on the big day, which lands on Friday, January 31st this year (although for those in Asia it is Thursday!)

  1. Don’t wash your hair the first day of the New Year, as the Chinese word for hair sounds like the Chinese word for wealth. Therefore, it isn’t a good thing to ‘wash away your wealth!'
  2. Don't cut your nails, or use a knife or scissors as you may 'cut off' fortune.
  3. Don't drop your chopsticks! (Not easy sometimes, we know.)
  4. Don't say the number 4 as it sounds like the Chinese word for 'death.'
  5. Don't lend or borrow money or you will be lending and borrowing all year.
  6. Don't cry or use foul language.
  7. Do clean your home prior to New Year's Day to rid yourself of all evil things. Don't clean or sweep on New Year's Day because you will sweep all the good luck and fortune away.
  8. Do make amends with people. If you have anyone that you need to talk to and work something out... now's the time!
  9. Do pay off all your debts to start anew (Ha! Good luck with this one!)
  10. Do wear brand new clothes.
  11. Do wear something red. (Some people wear a new pair of red underwear for even more good luck!)

    How will you be celebrating?

Have a happy, healthy, and lucky New Year!