potatostar Production Director Kim Byung Wook revealed cast details for the upcoming tvN sitcom, Potato Star. The stars of the show will include Lee Soon Jae, No Joo Hyun, Geum Bo Ra, Yeo Jin Goo, Ha Yeon Soo, Suh Yeh Ji, and Go Kyung Pyo. Thankfully, none of the actors are rookies. Actor Lee Soon Jae previously performed in both seasons of High Kick, No Joo Hyun and Geum Bora have both starred in various sitcoms, and Geum Bora has worked with director Kim Byung Wook. It will be great to see what they can all do together! potatostar2 As for Yeo Jin Goo, who appeared in hit dramas such as The Moon That Embraces The Sun, it will be his first time working with the producer and it will be his second time acting in a sitcom since Rainbow Romance. Additionally, Ha Yeon Seo, a rookie actress, will also be a part of the cast following her role as Min Se Yi on Monstar. Yeo Jin Goo will be taking on the role of a computer programmer, Hong Hye Sung, who dreams to become the next Mark Zuckerberg. Potato Star will have 120 episodes in total, and it will air its first episode on September 23rd. (Source: Nate)