The latest Korean drama Temptation is all about the femme fatale, Yoo Se Young. She's a millionaire who pays off a man's debt and forces him into her submission. The power roles are reversed in this Korean drama, as the female takes the lead. Yoo Se Young looks fabulous throughout the show, sporting the latest makeup and clothing trends, so if anything, this show is great for outfit inspirations safe for work. Viewers who loved her bright, bold lipstick in episode 1 can now find the color for themselves!

Get Yoo Se Young's lipstick color from episode one by using the Finding Ferdinand Starter Kit palette:

50% Nob Hill Red + 50% Cranberry

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Add Cranberry for a punch of pink under the Nob Hill Red. If you want more of a coral undertone, add a bit of Classic Coral into the mix. The Starter Kit palette launches this fall, so you can visit the Finding Ferdinand site to get on the pre-order list.